We just completed one of most sombre missions in almost 11 years of mission work in Sierra Leone.

Today’s medical mission was to provide counselling and free Medicare to 30 war wounded women at Grafton whom I met for the first time. Their stories are still echoing in my heart.
Didn’t take pictures because of our ethos of Confidentiality for sensitive cases; except for the intentionally distorted one below taken by my support worker whilst giving an empowerment talk.
Majority of these women were gang raped by the war rebels, some of these women had big sticks shoved into their private parts and they are still riddled with vagina infections even after 20 yrs. Some of these women were gang raped simultaneously through their vagina and anus, apologies for being explicit.
We were able to treat them with an assortment of strong antibiotics specifically for sexual diseases and infections. A three-fold medication was provided to all of them- Oral medicines, vagina pessaries and ointment.
Many of these women are still enduring nightmares and emotional anguish from the barbaric torture they experienced.