Colour Purple International Season


To mark the 10th Anniversary of our mission, our Colour Purple campaign will be a 3 months campaign starting from the 1st October to the 31st December titled Colour Purple International Month

Colour Purple International Month 1st December – 31st December

A season of raising awareness and funds for abused, rejected, physically challenged and marginalised women and children worldwide. Colour Purple International Campaign is our annual raising awareness and funds season for vulnerable women and children; facing specific challenges. Join our Campaign – Wear Purple & Donate more via

How to be a Colour Purple Partner: Get your colleagues at work, your friends, families or the children at school to wear purple for a week and make a donation.

“The colour, Purple signifies ROYALTY, when I see our beneficiaries I see beyond their present conditions, I see royals, I see overcomers. I know what feels like to be rejected or to experience prejudice, if I could overcome a difficult patch in my life, so can many women” Faith Okrafo- Smart, Founder of Melqosh Mission International.

Colour Purple Champions

Ellen Thomas – Actress ( Film, Television, Theatre)

Anni Domingo- Actress ( Film, Television, Theatre)

Raki Ayola – Actress ( Film, Television, Theatre)